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Writer: Carl W. Lucas

Gille Klabin

duration: 90 m

Country: USA

Frank, an opportunistic insurance lawyer, thinks he's in for the time of his life when he goes out on the town to celebrate an upcoming promotion with his co-worker, Jeff. But their night takes a turn for the bizarre when Frank is dosed with a hallucinogen that completely alters his perception of the world, taking him on a psychedelic quest through board meetings, nightclubs, shootouts, and alternate dimensions. As Frank ping-pongs between reality and fantasy, he finds himself on a mission to find a missing girl, himself - and his wallet



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I just got done watching the German version of The Third Wave story. BRILLIANT adaptation, although in this 2008 movie the experiment takes place in modern day Germany, and there are obvious changes (the ending is brilliant in the movie, yet fabricated. Oh man, it's like I've never heard anything like this! And the lyrics are so deep and creative too! Pure talents mates. /s. Fala Free watch video. Finally, another movie from Justin Long. An underrated actor. OMG I LOVE THIS MUSIC. aftermovie ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️. Fala free watch online. Fala free watch series. Fala free watch full. Fala Free watching. Fala free watch download. AFTER 😔😔😔😔🖤🖤🖤🖤. Matt Dillon. Gunsmoke. Eva Green best you have ever seen. I just can't stop listening this song I love the movie and the books.

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